1990: McDonald's "Brings Back" The Cheddar Melt. Did This Really Happen? [Twice?]

McDonald's has resurrected its Cheddar Melt cheeseburger for a limited-time promotional blitz.

The quarter pound, all-beef patty covered with Cheddar cheese sauce and grilled onions on a light rye bun has been offered at various times in the past but has not made a strong enough mark to secure a permanent position on the McDonald's menu.

"Every time when we're in a slow period, we bring out the Cheddar Melt or the McRib sandwich," said the manager of a McDonald's in New York, one of the areas where the item is being heavily promoted.

The Cheddar Melt will be sold for as long as local managers want it, said McDonald's spokesman Chuck Ebeling, noting that such local product promotions generally last one to two months.

McDonald's Cheddar Melt blitz comes at a time when Burger King is promoting a double burger topped with Swiss cheese.

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Jesus Ali said...

Looks like it was some time between 1992-1995

The last time we had the Cheddar Melt in Milwaukee, WI was in the Fall of 2004. I've been waiting for it to come back but no luck. It seems like the 1/3 pound burgers would be the obvious choice to add the Cheddar Melt to, but alas it's still not back.

Anonymous said...

First time I had cheddar melts was back in 1985 in Indy and then again in 1990 in Myrtle Beach and again in mid 90s. I love the cheddar,onions and rye flavor.

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