Be Trendy; Dress Like It's Halloween Every Day

This one’s for all the wolves out there. Stay scheming on those piglets with the Huff and Puff Zip Up Hoody. This piece features an 80% cotton 20% polyester composition, and wolf detailing throughout. Stay scheming!
One positive thing I can say is that I guess it's good that they targeted the copy toward their audience. Where is the J. Peterman of streetwear?

This is currently a top seller at Karmaloop.

I predict a marsupial hoodie with single pouch-pocket comes next.

Hoodie spotted in the wild here. Is this cool to anyone over the age of 15?


Anonymous said...

I think this is sort of cool actually

Noah said...

I don't hate everything that is categorized as streetwear, I just hate most categories and feel like most of the products produced in this particular category are unabashedly trying to cash in on a trend that is so uncool you can buy the basics at K-Mart.

Shoes like the Freddie Kruger Dunks pictured here are an example of something I'd display in my house as a piece of pop art...

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