Khat Trafficking Somalian Pirates: The New York Times Was On This Shit Weeks Before The Tanker Got Jacked

modern pirates.

As you probably know, the truth about pirates is that they never went away; they just became less visible to Westerners because they don't do so much business in the Atlantic these days (versus a few hundred years ago).

There has been a lot in the news about Somalian Pirates lately, because they hijacked some ship (feel free to search for this, I won't distract you with links). The truth is that pirates are really fucking interesting. If you ask the pirates (and that's what The Times did), their actions are totally justifiable in an unjust world.


Anonymous said...

good post, i didn't see this article.
I met a du from somaliland who asserted that somaliland was basically a real, functioning state (this was like 5 years ago). I wonder how they are doing with this piracy thing at their doorstep.
These pirates seem to me to be different from the well-known SE Asian pirates that have previously been in the news in past years, because those guys didn't have such valuable cargo sailing right in front of their noses, and also their countries are not such a mess that there is almost no alternative.

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